I woke up at 3:30 am today and inexplicably had this thought about zombies.

Why do zombies want to eat brains?

To create fans! Clearly, you have to be brainless to care about a TV show featuring zombies. It had to be said, hate me if you must but you know I am right.

Just Coffee Please

OK, this is not a world shattering problem.

Why can’t we have a coffee shop or a line for people who just want a simple cup of coffee.

You want a sandwich, muffin, skinny latte or some other special concoction get in the other line. In my line we only serve coffee, no special blends or roasts and you can only add one cream and one sugar. Really I think we should stick to black and make a spot where you can add cream and sugar yourself.

There is a proliferation of shops that will cater to the precious sensitivities of coffee snobs. I doubt many of you can tell the difference but if you want to pay $5 for coffee go ahead. I just want a single line where we can get coffee, quickly without fuss – it’s early and I am not ready to deal with the existence of a machiatto. #justcoffeeplease

Administration of my site

I have received a few comments on my posting about the current state of Nova Scotia that used the conflict among the teachers and the negotiation with the government as an example.

Without exception the comments questioned my motives, my intelligence or who may be paying me to share my opinion. If such comments were not about me they were made about the Premier. A couple of people took time to investigate my political affiliation as if that was a secret.

There were some valid points raised in competition with my opinion which I may choose to comment on in the future.

I won’t allow these kind of comments on my site, I am under no obligation to do so. If you want to have your hate posted on the internet, start your own site.

Polite Debate is Welcome

Well apparently having an opinion runs against the grain for some people, especially teachers.

I am happy to have comments and engage in discussion, but please use spell check.

Feel free to send all your ad hominem attacks but I won’t approve them, they don’t contribute anything.

Please Senator Meredith just leave.

The Senate of Canada is in a period of transformation. By casting adrift the Liberal Senators and reforming the appointment process, the Prime Minister has set in motion the only meaningful reform to take place in my lifetime.

While the Conservatives and NDP can only think in terms of dismantling the Senate, the Prime Minister is making the Senate new and improved without reopening the constitution. Of course there is much, much more that should be done to truly unleash the creativity and power of the Senate. A truly workable and relevant Senate is still years away.

In contrast to the reform that is happening is the unseemly conduct of Senator Meredith of Ontario. He was revealed to have engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a teenage woman. He should resign, but he won’t. So he should be removed, but by what means?

If you want to contact the Senator directly and urge him to resign here is his contact information:

Telephone: 613-996-8572
Fax: 613-996-8570
Email: don.meredith@sen.parl.gc.ca
Personal Website: http://donmeredith.sencanada.ca/

Keep it clean and professional, just tell him his conduct is not acceptable and he needs to leave, NOW!


Nova Scotia Needs to Wake Up

The big political news this week is the drop in support for the governing Nova Scotia Liberal Party. The poll issued by Corporate Research Associates this week puts support for the Liberals at 44%. That is virtually the same level of support the party enjoyed immediately following the 2013 election campaign. At the same point in their mandate the NDP were in the area of 30 to 33% approval.

In 2013 the Liberals were elected on a platform of fiscal responsibility, investments in education and health and a pledge to grow the economy. Soon after the Liberals were elected the government unions made it their mission to make life uncomfortable for the new government. Unions resisted any change the government tried unless it involved more money for them. The government laid out the fiscal reality we faced and has stuck to it’s fiscal plan and seems sure to bring down a balanced budget this year.

At the same time the Ivany Commission report was received by the government calling for bold changes. Now or Never spelled out the dilemma we face, change and quickly or we are destined to be a failed state within a prosperous western country – the Detroit of Canadian provinces. Of course Ivany is right but that does not sit well in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotian’s want change as long as it does not affect them,everything needs to change but only for someone else. It is the NIMBY syndrome writ large across our society. We want more expenditure on highways, hospitals, infrastructure, social services and the arts but nobody wants to pay more tax, tolls or user fees.

We could not place a more ridiculous burden on our government than our current situation dictates.

The current drop in Liberal support is generally attributed to the recent contract negotiations with teachers. The teachers did not raise “conditions” with the NDP government when they got a 7-1/2% raise. This became the issue only because they came to realize the government would not alter the fiscal envelope the contract would be bound by. The teachers are “outraged” and “disrespected” even though three different contracts were recommended by their union before the government had enough.

The teachers are a privileged profession, with vast union resources and generous pay and pensions. Their jobs are no more important than many in this province and not even in the top ten of tough jobs.

If you want to see a microcosm of what is wrong in Nova Scotia, the teachers job action and the failure of many Nova Scotian’s to see it in the fuller context of moving this province forward is all the illustration you need.




World Baseball Classic Gripe

I planned to watch the World Baseball Classic, although I could not decide whether to root for the Dominican Republic or Cuba. I knew Canada would not be competitive so our team was not an option.

The games are available on the MLB TV app which costs about $150 Canadian for the year. However the games are blacked out in Canada so Rogers is the only option. I don’t have or want cable TV because it is way too expensive to watch repeats of Duck Dynasty on three different channels. The blackout also seems to include the archive of the game which makes no sense to me.

So, no WBC for me unless I find a source on the computer.