Just Coffee Please

OK, this is not a world shattering problem.

Why can’t we have a coffee shop or a line for people who just want a simple cup of coffee.

You want a sandwich, muffin, skinny latte or some other special concoction get in the other line. In my line we only serve coffee, no special blends or roasts and you can only add one cream and one sugar. Really I think we should stick to black and make a spot where you can add cream and sugar yourself.

There is a proliferation of shops that will cater to the precious sensitivities of coffee snobs. I doubt many of you can tell the difference but if you want to pay $5 for coffee go ahead. I just want a single line where we can get coffee, quickly without fuss – it’s early and I am not ready to deal with the existence of a machiatto. #justcoffeeplease

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