Please Senator Meredith just leave.

The Senate of Canada is in a period of transformation. By casting adrift the Liberal Senators and reforming the appointment process, the Prime Minister has set in motion the only meaningful reform to take place in my lifetime.

While the Conservatives and NDP can only think in terms of dismantling the Senate, the Prime Minister is making the Senate new and improved without reopening the constitution. Of course there is much, much more that should be done to truly unleash the creativity and power of the Senate. A truly workable and relevant Senate is still years away.

In contrast to the reform that is happening is the unseemly conduct of Senator Meredith of Ontario. He was revealed to have engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a teenage woman. He should resign, but he won’t. So he should be removed, but by what means?

If you want to contact the Senator directly and urge him to resign here is his contact information:

Telephone: 613-996-8572
Fax: 613-996-8570
Personal Website:

Keep it clean and professional, just tell him his conduct is not acceptable and he needs to leave, NOW!


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