NS Conservative Leadership Silence

In January of this year, Jamie Baillie abruptly resigned as leader of the NS Tory party. He tried to say he was leaving on his own but it was soon revealed that he was forced out over “allegations of inappropriate behaviour.”

Since then the story has basically been buried. The man who they wanted to make Premier just months earlier leaves without so much as a parting interview and that is OK with the members of the Conservative Party and the press. The public has a right to know what happened and to judge the performance of the opposition in dealing with it. Did these allegations arise during or before the last election? The Conservatives want party members to pull together and called in John Hamm to quell any questions.

Not one of the candidates for leader has anything substantive to say on the subject, they just want the public to forget.

Not good enough, release your internal report that led to Baillie’s resignation and answer the questions that arise from it.




Nova Scotia Conservatives Fail Again

Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin may not be an all out racist, but she is so politically tone deaf as to render her unfit for public office. Being a candidate for the leader of the opposition places her in the spotlight a little more than usual and that scrutiny has been telling. Clearly, her campaign has displayed little intelligence, choosing to play to bias and division.

Read the story in The Coast:  https://www.thecoast.ca/RealityBites/archives/2018/04/18/tory-leadership-candidate-worries-weed-will-make-nova-scotians-lazy-like-jamaicans

I wonder what the Conservatives are really thinking about when they talk about banning pot from every conceivable venue. I hate to break it to you, but High School kids have had unfettered access to pot for over 40 years that I am aware of. Virtually every concert I have attended at the Metro Centre/Scotiabank ATM has featured a blue haze of pot smoke rising to the rafters. If there were going to be a rush of stoned drivers or brain damaged losers it would have happened.

Is all this concern really about safety or is there an underlying cultural bias at play. Is it that the all white, older conservative caucus sees this as an issue that needs to be contained because the masses can’t handle it the way they can. It is important to note that the connected and wealthy had access to alcohol throughout prohibition, and that people of  means have seldom gotten penalties for pot convictions that the poor and others have.

Elizabeth, you don’t belong in the legislature.

Amazon Come to Nova Scotia!

How can the chance that Amazon might come to Nova Scotia be anything but a good idea?

The Regional Municipality has indicated that Halifax will make a proposal to Amazon. While we may be a long shot, not trying would be a huge mistake. Our community has so much to offer, universities, a robust tech sector, a great workforce and a magnificent social and physical environment.

However, we also are home to some of the biggest naysayers and whiners in captivity. Just listen to the Rick Howe show to hear what the bottom of the Halifax barrel sounds like to the outside world.

The city makes proposals to businesses all the time. This is no different, let’s all get behind the Mayor on this.

Good Tim’s Experience

When I am on the road I use Tims as a great wifi spot to work and have coffee.

The Tim Hortons near the corner of Robie and Young is one of my least favourite places to stop. The service is unusually slow and normally ill mannered and ill tempered.

Today was different, the new layout is bright and airy and the service was delivered by a pleasant and smiling server.

She was a remarkable departure from the norm at this location, although as I sit here it is clear she is the only pleasant employee on staff.