New Painting

It’s been a few months since I painted anything. So today I stuck in and painted this small acrylic on canvas.

I chose it so I could work on shading and texture, hope you like it.

I can’t sign it yet because the humidity is making the drying time quite long.


The Coolest American President I Remember

There is no doubt President Obama was cool, but I still remember John Kennedy. The energy and enthusiasm that began with his election defined the early sixties. His death, along with his brother Robert also doomed that movement.

Of course we will never know what may have come from a second Kennedy term but I like to think much of the division and turmoil that stained the late sixties and early seventies might have been avoided.

Still working on my technique, but I like this one.


View Across


View Across

An acrylic landscape by Jim Goddard 2017
18×20 on canvass

Based on an image from the internet, I wanted to work on the varied levels of detail that the original image displayed.